ALBASTRELE | Merlot Rosé | 2014


WineStatistics will be evaluating wines in no particular order on no particular schedule. Just stay tuned and you will never miss one. If the wine is tasted more than once, the rating table will be updated so as to reflect all the new impressions and observations. The logic is simple – the more we taste, the more we learn.

We switch back to Wine of Moldova and we will keep the rosé wine theme for a while – that delicious, light and refreshing wine style that is growing in popularity with each passing season. Wine of Moldova is gaining more and more followers on its own, and so does the popularity of rosé wines out there. The wine that we’ve selected for today’s review is Merlot Rosé 2014 from Albastrele Wines.

Let’s take a deeper look at the tasting notes and the wine’s review statistics:


The wine has a pure, onion orange color – bright and transparent, with the rim-color of a pale, salmon-pink shade.


The nose is rich and mouldy, with some signs of wine faults. The first nose brings a mix of sweet fruits and nuanced savory notes: red olive, overripe white cherry, yellow tomato, underripe strawberry, yellow cucumber, quince, yellow bell pepper, yellow apple and a hint of rotten tomato.


The wine is medium-dry, with quite some hints of residual sugar. It has high alcohol level, a bit higher than it is desired from a refreshing rosé wine, high acidity and medium tannin, which makes the wine taste savory, rustic and lean.  This is a round, delicate and a bit rough rosé wine – which comes as a surprise as compared to the overall market trend. The wine has a fair overall balance – it tastes a bit tight and closed, but quite zesty and fair towards the finish.


The wine has a long finish with a balanced aftertaste, which turns bitter-astringent toward the end.

chartsThis is definitely a fair Wine of Moldova and the overall rating says the same, with 87.5 points scored it is right there, among the best wines we’ve tasted so far. Please click on the chart icon on the left in order to get to the wine rating page, where you can find all the wines we’ve tasted to date.

Last but not least, we would like to mention that this is a single variety rosé wine, made completely of merlot grapes, quite a popular approach these days and we see the reason why – merlot, if harvested and processed with care, can result in very rich and aromatic rosé wines, with body and texture that may resemble a blend, which is more expensive and a lot more difficult to produce. This is a kind of win-win situation, as consumers can enjoy delicate rosé wines at attractive prices, on the other hand, winemakers can sell more while spending less.

WineStatistics tasting results:

Merlot Rosé | 2014

grape: | merlot |

region: MoldovaValul lui Traian

overall rating: | 87.5 |

conclusion: fair | worth a try



(c) The WineStatistics ratings are based solely on our own knowledge of the world of wine and on our personal wine tastes, which may, or may not, differ from yours – the reader. There are no absolutes of right and wrong in wine appreciation.

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