KRACHER | Pinot Gris Reserve | 2015
pinot gris


WineStatistics will be evaluating wines in no particular order on no particular schedule. Just stay tuned and you will never miss one. If the wine is tasted more than once, the rating table will be updated so as to reflect all the new impressions and observations. The logic is simple – the more we taste, the more we learn.

Today we are going to review a pinot gris wine from Austria, which is considered one of the most promising wine regions for this variety – Pinot Gris Reserve 2015 from Kracher. ‘Pinot Gris’ and ‘Pinot Grigio’ are referring to the same variety, however, stylistically, pinot gris points to a fruity, french style of wine, while pinot grigio to suggest a dry, mineral, italian style. Although the origin of pinot gris is Alsace, today however it is increasingly planted in less classic wine regions, like Austria, Romania and Moldova. Austrian pinot gris represents both winemaking styles, as it can be mineral and citrusy or creamy and floral, depending on the producer and philosophy. Anyway, without further ado, let’s find out just how good this wine is. On to the tasting!
Take a look at the tasting notes bellow and our detailed assessment of the wine:


Clear yellow color with shades of topaz yellow towards the rim of the glass.


The nose is strong, filled mostly with citrus fruits flavours: lemon, pomelo, straw grass, yellow mirabelle, white grapefruit, melissa, yellow apple, camomile, yellow pear and some subtle hints of pineapple.


The wine is dry, with high alcohol level, high acidity and firm tannin. It tastes citrusy and complex,  bit sharp and a bit bitter, but smooth and creamy at the same time. The wine has a nuanced minerality and it feels firm, structured and a bit angular due to it’s fair, but incomplete, overall balance.


It has a medium finish and a balanced, a bit sharp and a bit bitter aftertaste.

chartsThis is definitely a great Wine of Austria and the overall rating says the same, with 90.5 points scored it is right there, among the best wines we’ve tasted so far. Please click on the chart icon on the left in order to get to the wine rating page, where you can find all the wines we’ve tasted to date.

Conclusion: this is definitely a wine in its prime form – ready to drink now or stored for another 6-12 months for a bit more bottle ageing, as its overall balance does suggest that there’s more to come in terms of complexity and flavour. In order to smoothen its sharp edges, we would recommend to pair this wine with aromatic and fruity dishes, like for example a mango-strawberry-avocado-arugula salad, arugula-asparagus-egg salad or a summer-citrus-avocado salad. Prost!

WineStatistics tasting results:

Pinot Gris Reserve | 2015

grape: | pinot gris |

region: Austria | Burgenland

overall rating: | 90.5 |

conclusion: great | a must try



© The WineStatistics ratings are based solely on our own knowledge of the world of wine and on our personal wine tastes, which may, or may not, differ from yours – the reader. There are no absolutes of right and wrong in wine appreciation.

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